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Art. 59. Bastards generally speaking belong to no one family, and have no relations; - accordingly they are not submitted to the paternal authority, even when they have been legally acknowledged.

Art. 60. Nevertheless nature and humanity establish certain reciprocal duties between fathers and mothers and their natural children.

Art. 61. Fathers and mothers owe alimony to their natural children, when they are in need.
And natural children owe likewise alimony to their father and mother, if they are in need, and if they can afford it.

Art. 62. Natural children have a right to claim this alimony, not only from their father and mother, but even from their heirs, after their death.

Art. 63. But in order that they may have a right to sue for this alimony, they must-
1. Have been legally acknowledged by both their father and mother, or by the parents from whom they claim alimony, or they must have been declared their natural children by a judgment duly pronounced in cases in which they may be admitted to prove their paternal or maternal descent.
And 2. They must prove in a satisfactory manner, that they stand absolutely in need of said alimony for their support.

Art. 64. Although alimony must be proportioned generally with the wants of the person claiming, and with the resources of the person owing the same, nevertheless that allowed to the natural children, shall never exceed what is absolutely necessary for their nourishment, lodging and clothing.

Art. 65. The obligation of giving such alimony ceases whenever the natural child is able to earn his subsistence by labor, or whenever his father or mother has caused him to be learnt an art, trade or profession fit to procure him a sufficient livelihood, unless some continual sickness or infirmity prevents such child from working for his subsistence.
This debt of alimony ceases likewise to be due from the estate of the natural father or mother whenever either of them have provided during his or her life, for a sufficient maintenance for his or her natural child, or have made to him or her donations or other advantages which may be sufficient for that purpose.

Art. 66. The other rules established respecting alimony to be granted to legitimate children, take place likewise with respect to natural children, except so far as they may be contrary to the above directed provisions.

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